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We understand that every journey has unique needs. Therefore, we offer customized travel packages designed according to your preferences and budget.

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Our Goals

Our Goal is to become a leading travel agency company that provides high-quality services and inspiration for our customer.
  • Turning our travel to something positive for the people and places we visit.
  • To encourage travellers to do good and leave certain positive impacts on the locals and the destination that they visited.
  • To change people’s lives through travelling.
  • Momo Adventures focuses on customer experience as an important and integral part of wealth distribution, thus, the money spent on local businesses helps in the development of the local communities.
  • Momo Adventures philosophy is to make the travellers feel that their trips are more than vacation, by having a chance to know the world better by contacting people and exploring places, things and cultures that worth to explore.
  • The main goal is to support the local people by creating and investing in local businesses that can bring an important income for the population to avoid the immigration from the rural areas to urban areas.
  • Travelling as responsible traveller by respecting the local community and the environment.
  • Testing local food and learn how to make traditional dishes such as Tagine, Couscous, Pastilla, Harira…
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Our Mission

  • We have professional team, including multilingual tour guides and drivers who are going to show you the best of our country.
  • Discovering the authenticity of Morocco, especially the Amazigh(the indigenous people of North Africa) who are living in the mountains and you will spend the night in traditional guest house with an Amazigh family and learn about the lifestyle (customs, beliefs, traditions,…).
  • Trekking in the desert and hiking in the mountains to explore the beauty of the nature and the architecture of the buildings.
  • Finding your dream
    destination is our priority

    With a collection of destinations that include stunning natural landscapes, vibrant cosmopolitan cities and enchanting tropical islands, we take you to the world's most stunning places.

    Lots of choices

    Thousands of the best destinations are ready to spoil your eyes.

    Easy Booking

    No need to be complicated in ordering tickets, order now with a few taps.


    There are many choices of interesting destinations to make stories on your trip.

    Best Tour Guide

    Don't worry about traveling anywhere, our tour guide is ready to guide you anytime.

    Experienced professionals with best service

    Our team consists of experienced professionals and is highly committed to providing the best service to our customers.

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    Guiliz , Marrakech, Morocco

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